Take control of your contracts

Effortlessly manage all your contracts in one place. Take control from creation to completion, ensuring flawless agreements, improved visibility, and no missed renewal dates.

Reliable for companies of all scales.

Contract Lifecycle Management

Take full command of your end-to-end contract lifecycle, craft impeccable agreements, enhance contract visibility, and never miss another renewal date.

Standardize and automate effortlessly with a no-code approach.

Streamline collaboration between legal and business units.

Increase compliance and reduce risks.

Centrally manage your contracts in one place.

Empower your contracts with AI

Boost the visibility of contract data

Take charge of your contracts with everything you need.

Onedocs empowers enterprises and growing companies to enhance their operations with artificial intelligence-supported contract analysis and contract lifecycle management.

Centralized Contracts

Ability to manage all contracts in one centralized location.

Data-driven Insights

Capability to track and assess progress through data-driven analytics.

Sync to Your Drive

Easy synchronization of documents with your drive.

Approval Workflows

Ability to organize and monitor contract approval processes.


Quick and secure execution of electronic signature transactions.

Automation Hub

Central hub for automating and managing business processes.

Template Automations

Option to create contract drafts and facilitate collaboration.

Streamlined Collaborations

Speeding up collaborations for a more efficient process.

Obligation Tracking & Reminders

Ability to monitor contract obligations and set reminders.

User & Roles

Manage users and define roles within the system.

Audit Trail

Track changes and activities in contracts for auditing purposes.

No-code Customizations

Ability to adapt the system with customizations without coding.

Coming Soon!

Assistant that empowers your contracts.

AI-powered contract assistant from contract creation to tracking

Do you want to learn how it will work?

"The minimal, practical, and user-friendly interface of OneDocs is one of the reasons I prefer this product. It does not have a complex or complicated structure."

Fulya B.

Legal Manager

Customer Stories

Saving time in contracts

We simplify complex document and contract processes, easing our customers’ workloads and delivering significant time savings in contract procedures.

Onedocs has brought us speed and time savings. Amidst our busy workload, we no longer struggle with searching for document and contract data."

Buket Nur A.

Contract Manager

Getting started is simple

OneDocs is designed with simplicity in mind, meaning you’ll spend less time managing your contracts and more time focusing on higher-value tasks. With our intuitive user interface and customizable onboarding, you’ll start seeing results quickly, within days, not months.