Pimsa Adler and Onedocs Contract Lifecycle Management


Pimsa Adler is an acoustic system supplier and interior trim parts producer company. It has achieved significant improvements in its contract management processes using the OneDocs Contract Lifecycle Management platform. This case study details the solutions offered by the platform and the results achieved.


Pimsa Adler was experiencing difficulties with accessibility, organization, approval processes, and document tracking in contract management. These problems were causing inefficiency and time loss in business processes.


Digital Archiving and Accessibility: The system enabled contracts to be digitally archived and easily accessed by all approved departments.

Organized Storage and Automatic Numbering: Contracts are stored in an organized and sequential manner with numbering and coding, which speeds up search and retrieval processes.

Internal Approval and Review Processes: Sending contracts for internal approval and review through the system streamlined processes and saved labor.

Editing and Note-Taking Features: Approvers can make edits and submit notes through the system. This feature facilitated retrospective reviews and saved on document printing.

External Customer/Supplier Communication: Communication of contracts to external customers and suppliers has increased efficiency in terms of process and paperwork.

Dynamic Updates and Special Enhancements: The program is constantly updated and offers custom enhancements based on demand. This allows the business to react flexibly and quickly.


“Since we started using Onedocs Contract Lifecycle Management in our organization, we have experienced a significant transformation in our contract management processes. Thanks to the digital archiving and easy access features provided by the platform, all our departments can quickly access contracts when needed. We have also created an organized storage system by numbering and coding contracts.

Internal approval and review processes conducted through the system have saved significant time in our workflows. The ability of approvers to make edits and submit their notes through the system has made our processes more efficient. In addition, the easy transmission of contracts to external customers and suppliers further accelerated our business processes.

Onedocs’ efficient solutions and user-friendly interface perfectly meet the contract management needs of our business. We are very pleased to use this innovative and efficient system.”