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A business that doesn't use contract lifecycle management software powered by artificial intelligence would have to handle contract processes manually. This could mean wasted time, reduced efficiency, and increased chances of mistakes. Plus, dealing with less organized contract data might raise risks and potential revenue losses for the business.

Advanced Contract Management Supported by AI

Data Extraction

Unlock your contract data.

Smart Import

Import contracts effortlessly

Document Assistant

Analyze the document easily.

Centralized Contracts

Ability to manage all contracts in one centralized location.

Data-driven Insights

Capability to track and assess progress through data-driven analytics.

Sync to Your Drive

Easy synchronization of documents with your drive.

Approval Workflows

Ability to organize and monitor contract approval processes.


Quick and secure execution of electronic signature transactions.

Automation Hub

Central hub for automating and managing business processes.

Template Automations

Option to create contract drafts and facilitate collaboration.

Streamlined Collaborations

Speeding up collaborations for a more efficient process.

Obligation Tracking & Reminders

Ability to monitor contract obligations and set reminders.

User & Roles

Manage users and define roles within the system.

Audit Trail

Track changes and activities in contracts for auditing purposes.

No-code Customizations

Ability to adapt the system with customizations without coding.